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Sustainability in aluminium die casting

Progress and visions for the future

Sustainability and responsible business practices are not just buzzwords for our company in the aluminum die-casting industry, but central elements of our corporate strategy. The growing importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is reflected in our comprehensive measures, which shape both our current practices and our future direction.

Successes in energy saving

Thanks to extensive restructuring measures, we have already made considerable progress in the area of ​​energy saving. By modernizing our production facilities and implementing energy-efficient technologies, we have significantly reduced our energy consumption. For example, switching to highly efficient melting furnaces and optimizing process flows last year led to energy savings of > 8%. These measures have not only reduced our operating costs, but also significantly reduced our CO₂ footprint.

Future-oriented energy policy

Looking to the future, we are pursuing a proactive energy policy aimed at long-term efficiency improvements and the use of renewable energy. We plan to gradually meet our energy needs through the use of solar and wind power. We have already taken initial steps towards this, such as installing solar panels on our production buildings and working with regional companies and local politicians to promote wind farms.

Our future plans also include increasing the use of recycled materials in the production process. By increasing the proportion of recycled aluminum, we can not only conserve natural resources, but also further reduce energy consumption compared to the use of primary aluminum.

sustainable growth

Integrating sustainability and ESG criteria into our business strategy is an ongoing process that is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy. Our previous successes in energy savings and our ambitious plans for the future show that we are determined to play a pioneering role in the aluminum die casting industry. With a clear focus on ecological responsibility and innovation, we strive to make our contribution to a sustainable future while securing our economic success in the long term.